Faisal Sanitary has become one of Pakistan’s premier sanitary fittings manufacturer’s and one of the most renowned and largest Sanitary Fittings companies in the domestic sector. Established 1974, Faisal Sanitary has continually evolved in the context of the continuous rationalization of its business structure and always in the light of exploiting market opportunities
for the creation of added value and thereby providing the best quality sanitary fittings for our customers.

We keep innovating and implementing our strategy through constantly improving our competitiveness, investing in our human resources, creating flexible and modern structures that contribute to operational efficiency and utilizing modern financial tools in cooperation with domestic and international financial institutions.

On behalf of the Company’s and the Group’s Executives, Management Team, Associates and employees, we commit ourselves to pursuing our goals with the same dedication and diligence so that Faisal Sanitary continues to rank amongst the leading, robust and successful business units of Pakistan.