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By the grace of Allah Faisal Sanitary fittings Industries (pvt) Ltd, is currently operating in an integrated range of manufacturing concerns. Faisal Sanitary fittings Industries (pvt) Ltd is manufacturing an integrated range of sanitary fittings. The combination of state-of art technology,

rigorous testing during the manufacturing process and strict quality controls is the guarantee behind each and every tap that bears the Faisal hallmark. The process of diversification started in 1995. The main purpose was to replace old technology Of sand Casting with Automatic Gravity Die Casting of Non Ferrous metals, traditional Electroplating with Automatic Gravity Die Casting of Non Ferrous metal, traditional Electroplating with Arc Deposition Technology. Fully automatic complete Foundry imported from Italy consisting of Electric Furnace, Shot penning machine, Core Shooting Machine and Gravity Die Casting machine. These machines have taken place of our old sand casting and Die casting process. In the same manner Automatic and semi Automatic Injection Molding machines have been imported from China give optimum performance

The top: from simple stopcock to neat piece of engineering.

An instrument whose sole function was to regulate water flow has evolved over the years to match the requirements of new running–water and hot-water facilities, changing life-styles and fashions, etc taps have become more and more perfected and sophisticated on their materials, their features and looks,

while at the same time playing a more and more important role in terms of décor and even in terms of their users quality of life. Nowadays, one could say that the world of tops and fittings ought to become precision and design. When toms having to withstand different pressures temperatures and grades of water, etc, and face ever-increasing demands regarding their durability, performance and design, their manufacturing has now become as much an exercise in scientific and technical accuracy as a refined art form. Taps are now part of the ergonomics. In Pakistan faisal sanitary fitting industries (pvt) ltd is one of the most experienced companies in the world of taps and fittings. It has not devoted to perfecting them for nothing. Today, the standards of quality if its products are so high that they justly deserve being classed as precision tap fittings.

Precision from the inside out…

The precision that is so characteristic of faisal sanitary fittings does not just stop at the product ,but goes deep enough to be the part of the company philosophy, a way of working and approaching the profession in each and every one of its different areas, .design, manufacture, marketing, distribution, image,

service, etc. precision, a substantial attribute of quality is in fact the insignia of faisal sanitary fitting industries (pvt) ltd, its be-all and end-all, and its reference point for the future in this important and competitive market. Our engineers put their skills to models to the entire satisfaction of our valued customers. Hence its products are being checked throughout the process of production and as such we claim that we always maintain the quality and standard.

The Design:

A decisive factor when making a new line of taps is the design besides aiming for a beautifully aesthetically-pleasing. Quality product which is in keeping with the fashions of times, one must also take into account the target market and all the technical aspects that condition the products cost, features, etc.

At faisal industries the engineering department is constantly researching the application of new technology and materials to find the best, most innovation solutions for the different market requirements. In addition, the company’s technical and sales staff regularly visits the international trade fairs, thus bringing in up-to-data information about the needs and opinions of architects, decorators, fitters users.

The design department makes use of the contributions from these professionals to help in creating new shapes and models.


The production process of a faisal tap comprises several complicated stages, each of which is subjected to rigorous control, from selection and inspection of materials to production of different components. This process is the same for all the taps whether or they are top of range. They all undergo the same tests for water-tightness,

durability, saline mist etc, which are carried out systematically during the production process, and they are all made with the same materials, components, finishes, etc. this means that all taps made by faisal Indus tries arte the same quality, are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect and come under a real 10 year guarantee.

The commitment to reach many hands:

The precision so characteristic of faisal industries bathroom fittings goes further than just the production. The same criteria of reliability and professionalism, which apply to production extend also to the subsequent service. Speedy,efficient products distribution guarantees prompt delivery of orders and a conscientious after sales service keeps in constant, direct touch with dealers and fitters.

Research & development:

Electroplating, this is a process to protect steel and other non-ferrous metals with various metals so as to give a better appearance, which does not oxidize in normal atmospheric conditions, has been in practice since ages. Common metals used for coating are nickel and chromium. Faisal sanitary fittings carries the honor of introducing the latest art of technology plasma ion plating/ arc source deposition.

In this process metal ions are emitted from solid cathodes by arc sports which transverse the surface either by randomly or under the influence of magnetic field. Compared with the traditional electroplating the arc source deposition technology is well known for the best rate to make a high quality film.

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